Abandoned cat just ‘hours from death’ after surviving on diet of rubber


An abandoned cat just ‘hours away from death’ has survived by eating a diet of rubber and was found weighing less than 2kgs.

Felix was rushed to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol where the six-year-old cat began vomiting up the rubber that was in his tummy.

He was operated on and the vet discovered that not only had he been eating rubber but his internal organs had been pushed into his chest cavity, a sign that he may have been kicked while on the streets.

A hernia was also discovered in his abdomen, reports Bristol Live.

In the intricate operation, vets removed several pieces of rubber from his stomach before undertaking the tricky job of putting all his organs back in the right place.

Holly Hedge fundraiser Hannah Goodwin-Sharman said: “Felix was in a very bad way when he arrived at the sanctuary.

“He was vomiting up pieces of rubber which we think he had eaten because he was so desperately hungry.

“If we hadn’t had taken him in, it is likely he would have died within a few hours.”

Hannah then took Felix home with her and for a few days to watch over his recovery as it was touch and go as to whether he would survive.

For the first two weeks he was doing well but then he developed breathing difficulties – he had fluid in his abdomen and around his lungs.

“We don’t know long he had been straying but we think he had been suffering with a number of parasites,” said Hannah.

Thanks to the love and care of Hannah, the Holly Hedge team and Vale Vets, Felix is now making a good recovery.

Hannah said: “He is the loveliest cat in the world. He taps me on the face when he wants food and a cuddle. Now he is so full of life.”

Saving Felix however has not been cheap, with the vet bills totalling £5,400.

“He’s doing so well and we are continuing to monitor his progress,” Hannah added. “But saving him has cost a substantial amount of money and we have launched an appeal to help us with those costs.”